The My Brother’s Ex-GF’s Mom’s Apple-Pear Crumble Experiment

Pear Apple CrumbleI’m more than a little proud of the fact that a baking experiment of mine (the original recipe version was passed to me verbally from my brother’s ex-girlfriend’s mom – how’s that for random?) that I adapted and threw into some semblance of a proper recipe and posted on, an online mag I used to write for, was used and tested and fed to real people by a fabulous friend of mine (his end result was photographed by him for posterity – see Exhibit A above).  Phew. That was a mouthful.

Given that said friend is not, shall we say kindly, some who frequents the kitchen, I was even more proud, as this meant I can actually write proper recipes and other people can actually follow them, experiments or not.

It was an interesting process at the time, having to think about something I make relatively often and usually just guess my way through, add a little of this, throw in more of that, realise I don’t have enough topping and quickly make a little more, and have to turn that into something coherent and stick to the style guide of the magazine itself.

SO if you’re looking for something sinful for a wintery evening, something satisfying but also super easy to make, then why not try my adaptation of my brother’s ex-girlfriend’s mom’s recipe for a quick, easy, deeeelish apple-pear crumble...

Carbs shmarbs.


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