Sinning in San Fransisco.


The Golden Gate Bridge in San FransiscoPerhaps one of my biggest sins is that I end up eating out more than I should. As much as I love cooking, I also LOVE exploring different restaurants (especially here in my hometown of Vancouver, BC). I’ll get to reviewing my Vancouver restaurant faves soon, but as I’ve just spent a week in San Fransisco, I figured I should highlight the restaurants the Partner in Crime and I frequented  – from the Italian-cum-breakfast place run by either Filipino or Thai people, to superb Indian, decadent cheesecake, and the sinniest of sinful icecream sundaes.

I should also mention right now that the best meal we had on the whole trip – two different Thai curries, tom yum soup, and pad thai –  were all homemade by my Aunt-in-Law. Sheesh. Put my experiments to shame!

Restaurant reviews to follow.


Got a sin to share?

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