Review of Ghirardelli Square Ice-cream & Chocolate, San Fransisco

Oh. My. Word. So, I mentioned in my previous review that we were too full for dessert. Just as well, because after dinner we took a walk down through Fort Mason and then down to the water and ended up at Ghirardelli Square and discovered the Ghirardelli ice cream and chocolate manufactory (as they call it). The Partner in Crime nearly swooned right then and there, as we had discovered the chocolate addict’s dream!

The layout is a little confusing, but it’s pretty easy to snag a menu and start to gaze in shock at the array of disgustingly amazing sounding sundaes, from the traditional hot fudge to the more exotically redonk-ulous butterscotch insanity that I ended up having. You order and pay at the counter and then get a number, and you can either sit outside or stay inside and watch the chocolate being made by the original equipment. Wisely, they have a water station and cups on hand, and also serve coffee.

My sundae, the “Strike it Rich” was (I’m almost ashamed to say), is described on the menu as the following “Butter pecan ice cream smothered with butterscotch and golden almond nuggets, under a layer of vanilla ice cream, our freshly homemade hot fudge, whipped cream, chopped almonds and a cherry”. It was more than worth the $8.95. I can’t say one bad thing about it, other than perhaps the fact that I’m likely to now have self-induced diabetes…

For the same price, the chocolate addict Partner in Crime had the “Midnight Reverie” – with the following “Two scoops of chocolate ice cream, freshly homemade dark chocolate hot fudge, dark
decadent chips, whipped cream and an Intense DarkTM Midnight Reverie® 86% chocolate.” I can testify to its rich deliciousness, even though it was way too chocolately for me.

I’m embarrased to admit that later in the week, we ended up back there with a friend of ours, and he and I shared the “World Famous Hot Fudge Sundae” (“Two scoops of vanilla ice cream overflowing with our freshly homemade hot fudge, whipped cream, chopped almonds and a cherry.”, also for $8.95), while the Partner in Crime had 2 scoops of ice-cream in a homemade chocolate-dipped waffle cone (strawberry and chocolate – served sideways in a bowl) – because you can’t have enough chocolate, apprently. Generous amounts of ice-cream, which I guess justifies the $6.25.

If you want to be in a chocolate coma/ice-cream heaven, then I highly recommend Ghirardelli’s. They also have a cafe, smaller take out shop, and several locations. I’d say this is a must do while in San Fransisco.


PS – we sinned further by purchasing some of the chocolates to take home (including some delicious chocolate covered blueberries). We didn’t even pretend that any of these would be gifts for loved ones.

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