Take Me Home: The Food in South Africa

I’m so excited to be heading back home to Cape Town in a few weeks. Not only because of the sunshine – oh god – the sunshine! but also for the food. Even though what’s available here in RainCity is diverse, in price and type, I miss the freshness in the food that I haven’t encountered anywhere other than possibly in Mexico.

The produce is fresh and usually local, and I can honestly say that in all my travels all over the country (since I was a kid), I’ve never had a bad meal. Wait, there were those slap chips (before you think they’re something violent, they are pronounced ‘slup’ – the Afrikaans for limp) that made my mom and I puke on our way to Plettenberg Bay once… but other than that…

As much as apartheid was a fucking abomination, the one good thing was that we were sanctioned by many companies that seem to have invaded all over the world. For example, the horror of the Golden Arches was only felt in the early 2000s, and then in many places, didn’t actually do particularly well – possibly because our version was neither cheap nor fast! Man I love Africa.

When I kidnapped my Partner in Crime and took him back to the wilds of Africa with me, it was the only time in his life that he put on weight. Albeit some was from the beer (and we take our beer drinking seriously in S.A.)…

We already have a list going of our favourite restaurants we have to visit, include Royale Eatery – my favourite gourmet burger joint on Long Street. Before I went back to Cape Town the last time (two years ago – and that was the first time back in four years), i had been dreaming of Royale burgers, and believe me, time, distance, and longing did NOT hype them up…. They were even better than I remembered.

So here’s to sunshine, the Southern Hemisphere, and a veggie nostra*…



*download their menu. consider your taste buds blown.

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