Roundel Cafe: Lavender Milkshakes… and more


I love Roundel Cafe (2465 East Hastings, Vancouver)  for brunch (fresh ingredients, organic eggs, homemade ketchup, yams and potatoes, etc.) but now and then The Partner in Crime and I go there for dinner. They have a Thursday Friday $11 for beer and a burger deal, but as we don’t drink (what kind of a sinner am I??), this time we both ordered burritos – mine chicken, his veggie.

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The burrito was large, baked, covered in salsa and melted cheese, and filled with brown rice, black beans, free range chicken breast , onion, cabbage, avo, cheese, and yoghurt. The Partner’s had the same, except with peppers and mushrooms instead of  chicken.

He said his salsa was very hot (and I’m usually more of a wuss on this than him) so it did disguise some of the flavour, but it was very tasty. My salsa wasn’t that hot, and it was all really flavourful, though there weren’t really any specific tastes that stuck out. The fresh salad with honey vinagrette was especially good.

Lavender Milkshake Awesomeness

But then there’s the best part… the lavender milkshake! The Partner had a chocolate one, which was also delicious, but I’ve fallen in love with the lavender one. As far as I can tell, it’s just ice-cream (they boast 5 scoops, I believe) and lavender syrup, and they serve it in the silver mixing cup. It’s very hard to explain the flavour, but it’s absolutely divine.

In total, the veggie burrito, chicken burrito, and two shakes came to $35 (incl tax, no tip). I also love that your bill comes with fortune cookies.

Although the menu is rather small, they have a great range of interesting dishes, and usually have inventive specials. They offer some vegan and gluten free options (who doesn’t these days, in hipsterville?) and I find the portions reasonable as well as the prices. Definitely worth a try, not just for brunch.

PS – I happened to notice on their sign board that they are now offering lavender lattes… I’ve going to have to go back for one of those… very soon!



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