Advice for When Cooking in the Rain.




Camping in the rain makes me miserable, and trying to cook under these circumstances is just plain horrible. My solution: don’t cook. Simply get enough food that you can eat cold – cream cheese lasts unrefrigerated for a few days if it’s mild and you’re without a cooler; most grocery stores have pre-made salads (think bean and quinoa type salads with lots of protein); bagels; rice crisps; chili; crackers; fruit; dried fruit; granola bars; muffins; carrots and hummus…. basically anything that is quick and easy, that you can eat on the go. You can choose to go for healthy or unhealthy options, or a mix of the two.

This way, you can stay dry and well-fed at the same time, perhaps making you slightly less grumpy…

You’re welcome. 


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