Kitchen Essentials: “Pantry” Must-Haves & Recipe Suggestions

Gwyneth PaltrowSo unlike Gwyneth Paltrow, I won’t suggest you stock up on rare Norwegian quail’s teeth or free range zebra livers, or whatever outrageous kitchen “staple” she suggests for her recipes, but here are a few of my kitchen pantry must-haves. And by pantry, I mean kitchen cupboard, the freezer, and/or  the vegetable drawer…

    • canned tomatoes (make a quick and easy sauce for pizzas, pastas, etc.)
    • canned beans (yeah, yeah, I know – the devil’s food. I should be stocking up on hand-picked organic uncooked beans and should soak them by the light of a new moon or some twaddle)
    • garlic salt and garlic cloves
    • frozen mixed veggies (excellent for veggie lasagnas and as additions to stir fries)
    • plain yoghurt (great addition to pasta sauces to soften a strong tomato sauce without adding sugar)
    • flax seeds (excellent for adding to pasta sauces, stews, stir fries, etc.)
    • herb and spice selection (especially oregano, rosemary, ginger and cinnamon)
    • lemons and limes (make a quick chicken mariande by squeezing fresh lime juice over chicken breasts, add salt and herbs)
    • soy sauce (very useful for making an easy vegetarian gravy)
    • pre-made pasta sauces (including an alfredo sauce – great for mac and cheese or lasagne)
    • assorted pasta
    • oats
    • chocolate chips
    • flour
    • baking powder
    • instant yeast
    • brown sugar
    • canned soups
    • frozen veggie “mince”/”ground beef” (use this for tacos, pastas, curries, etc).
    • tofu
    • assorted fresh veggies
    • mixed nuts

I’ve found that the more I can have some basics on hand, the easier it is to

a) come up with meal ideas

b) experiment

c) not kill my Partner in Crime because I’m hangry.

Happy stocking.


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